Details of Major Systems

As of 2021, the KIPOnet system is comprised of 33 sub-systems which can be categorized into the following four major systems below.

A. e-Filing System

The e-Filing System supports the electronic filing not only of domestic applications, but also PCT international applications and Madrid international trademark applications.

The 24-hour electronic filing service is available whenever and wherever needed. The system allows civil petitioners to prepare and submit to the IP Office various documents, such as new application forms and interim documents, on an electronic basis, while also allowing applicants to browse the Office's notices and certified documents sent to them.

  • The electronic filing process comprises four steps: "pre-registration → document preparation → submission → fees payment and application status inquiry".
  • (Pre-registration) The step in which an applicant uses the electronic filing system to file a patent application online.
  • (Document preparation) The step in which electronic documents are prepared using electronic filing software or a web-based electronic filing system.
  • (Submission and inquiry) The step in which an application is submitted, fees are paid, and the status of submitted documents is inquired.
  • Provides a one-click electronic civil application service and patent information web service which enable users to handle electronic applications online.

B. Administration System

The Administration System supports all the tasks related to IP administration, including the receiving, examination, trial, and registration of applications for patent, utility model, trademark and design.

The system enables officers in charge to promptly handle, on an electronic basis, the examination of submitted applications, notice forwarding and the approval of applications and evaluators to work at home and deliver examination results in real time to applicants via online or mobile phone.

  • Comprised of subsystems that support handling of administrative tasks, including the receipt, examination, registration, and trial of IP applications.
  • (Integrated application system) Receives applications, computerizes received documents, and issues filing receipts, as well as the notice of application number.
  • (Integrated formality system) Examines the formality of IP applications and intermediate documents, assigns persons in charge, prepares notices and transfers to the examination system.
  • (Examination system) Supports the examination process for those applications which pass the formality examination, and manages the period and examination schedule, inquiry of application status, electronic approval, and notice forwarding.
  • (Trial system) Exchanges relevant information in association with the filing, examination and registration systems, prepares written decisions, and handles administrative documents related to trials.
  • (Lawsuit system) Inquires the status of examination and trial, electronically approves internal documents and sends them online, and supports lawsuit-related tasks by, for example, searching written decisions and trials.
  • The paperless administration system has resulted in an improved office environment and work efficiency.
  • By automating application assignment, classification, file wrapper management, and simple and repetitive tasks, the system provides efficiency and convenience in the examination process.

C. Search System

The Search System supports easy and convenient web-based access to patent information from all over the world, including Korea, Japan, the US, and European countries.

It provides a real-time search function for IP information and supports Korean and Japanese integrated searches, as well as English searches through the development of a technical synonym dictionary and a multilingual dictionary of Korean, English and Japanese. It also provides full-text inquiry, text retrieval, similar patent search, genome sequencing search, etc.

  • Comprised of subsystems designed for searching information regarding patents, designs, trademarks and written decisions and trials.
  • (Patent search system) Supports full-text search, integrated search with a single query language, search by subscription according to examination schedule, and extended search using a thesaurus and synonyms.
  • (Design search system) Supports web-based search for design information, catalogues, and fonts.
  • (Trademark search system) Supports search for trademark information, such as trade name, application number, application date, and applicant.
  • (AI-based search) Supports AI-based search for figurative marks (2020), designs (2021), and similar patents (2022, POC).
  • (Written decision and trial search system) Supports search for written decisions and trials and the grouping of search results.

Intelligent search service that automatically generates an optimized search query, based on the analyzed intention of the user's query, and provides desired results promptly and accurately.

The system allows easy and convenient web-based search for IP information at home and abroad, improving efficiency in examination and trial processes.

D. Internet Gazette Publication System

The official gazette, which used to be published in brochure and CD-ROM formats, has been published on the Internet since July 2001, and it is the first such publication in the world.

By publishing the gazette on an online medium, the accessibility of patent administration service and patent-related information has been enhanced.

  • Public notice - Includes publicized applications' bibliography and details.
  • Registration gazette - Includes details of a patent that passed examination and was registered
  • Correction gazette - When errors were found in the published notice and registration gazettes, they are corrected and republished.
  • Conveyance by public notice - Published when the addressee's home address or place of business is unclear so that application results cannot be conveyed.
  • Through Push-Mail service, publication information in patent information users' areas of interest is also provided.
  • Gazette documents can be converted only through the gazette viewer, and are provided in the final PDF format.
  • Last updated 12 August 2021
  • Intellectual Property Technical Cooperation Division