Design Application Overview

Currently, the Design Protection System in the Republic of Korea is in transition from a Substantive Examination System (SES) to a Partial-Substantive Examination System (PSES).

In response to the request of applicants to expedite the procedure for the registration of designs, KIPO revised the Act and introduced the PSES for some short-term life-cycle products as of March 1, 1998.

Under the PSES, applicants may be granted registration within 1 or 2 months from the filing date, as well as enjoy new procedures such as Multiple Application and Post-Grant Opposition for their convenience.

Even though the applications under the PSES are not examined substantially, the effects of rights under the PSES are identical with those under the SES. Nevertheless, the registered rights under the PSES which do not fulfill the requirements will be cancelled or invalidated through the Post-Grant Opposition or Trial.

  • Last updated 29 October 2018
  • Design Examination Policy Division