Registration & Fees

  • How can I get a certificate reissued?

    You will need to fill out an application form for the reissuance and pay a fee of 6,500 KRW

  • Can I pay fees by credit card?

    Credit card payment is possible if the address of the card holder is in Korea and the card is for an individual (natural person) rather than an organization (legal person).

  • When should I pay the annual registration fees for a patent?

    The initial registration fee for a patent, which covers the first three years of the patent term, should be paid on the date of registration. Example: If you registered your patent on April 19, 2007, you should make the initial payment (for the first three years of the patent term) on that date. April 19 would then become the payment date for all annual payments thereafter. Thus, the second payment (for the fourth year of the patent term) would be April 19, 2010. The third payment would be on April 19, 2011, and so on until the end of the patent term.

  • Is there an option for paying registration fees annually or in a lump-sum for a longer period?

    Yes. You have the option of paying registration fees annually or, if you prefer, in a lump sum for the remaining term of your right (for a patent, utility model, trademark or design).
    Note also that you can pay the fees on or before the payment date.

  • What happens if I miss the deadline for paying the annual registration fees for a patent?

    Under Article 8 of the Patent Act, if you fail to pay your annual registration fees on your payment date, you may pay the fees any time within six months of(your original payment date, though the penalty for late payment will be equivalent to twice the original fee).
    If you also fail to make the late payment of your registration fees, your patent application will be deemed to have been abandoned and the patent right will be extinguished retroactively on the original payment date.

  • When should I pay the registration fees for a trademark?

    You should pay the registration fees for the ten-year term of a trademark within two months of the registration date. The trademark registration date is the date on which the decision of registration was made or the date on which you received notice of the decision. If you request an extension of the payment period before the deadline, the period may be extended by 30 days.

  • If the fees are increased after I've paid them, do I have to pay anything more?

    No. Once you have paid the fees, you will not be required to pay for any subsequent increases in the fees.

  • Is there a fee for filing an application?

    Yes. There is an application fee which should be paid whenever you submit an application. Please check our Schedule of Fees for an approximate amount and the other types of fees. (Korean IP System -> Schedule of Fees)

  • When should I pay the examination fee?

    If you request an examination when you file an application, you can pay the application fee and examination fees concurrently. However, if you request an examination at a later time, within five years of the application date, you should pay the examination fee on the date of the examination request.

  • How can I get a copy of a Korean patent?

    There are two ways you can get a copy of a Korean patent.
    First, you can have your representative, someone with a residential or business
    address in Korea or a patent attorney you have appointed, pay the fees and send the copy to you. The cost is 100 KRW per page.
    For your reference, here is the contact information of the Korean Patent Attorneys Association.

    Tel: +82 (2) 3486-3486
    Fax: +82 (2) 3486-3511

    Second, you can perform your own search from the web site of the Korea Industrial Property Rights Information Service at

  • What is the format of registration numbers for Korean intellectual property rights?

    The registration numbers for Korean intellectual property rights begin with a two-digit number. Patent registration numbers begin with 10, utility models begin with 20, industrial designs begin with 30, and trademarks begin with 40. The initial two-digit number is then followed by a dash and an eight-digit number.
    Here is an example of a complete patent registration number: "10 - 12345678".

  • If I don't live or work in Korea, how can I pay the renewal fee for an existing trademark?

    If you don't have a residential or business address in Korea, then all of your trademark procedures (including the payment of renewal fees) should be handled by a representative. The representative, who need not be an attorney or official agent, must have a residential or business address in Korea.
    Representatives can pay the renewal fees in one of the following ways:
    First, they can use the electronic application system to pay the fees online or via an Internet giro.
    (This cannot be done from abroad because of the unique online security certificate used in Korea.)

    Second, they can visit KIPO's office in person and submit Form 16. They will then be issued an invoice. With the invoice, they can pay the fee at any bank in Korea, though the fee should be paid by the next day.

    Third, they can send a Korean postal money order with a completed payment form. The payment form can be downloaded here and the schedule of fees can be found here.

    Your representative can also contact our call center (1544-8080) to learn more about the detailed procedure of paying fees, though the call service is only available in Korean.

  • Last updated 13 August 2020
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