2021 Annual Report

Message from the Commissioner
2021 Highlights
2021 IP Trends
Improving the IP System
  • Amending Legislation to Protect Graphic Image Design
  • Prioritizing Examination of COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Applying AI Technology in Trademark and Design Image Search
  • Introducing an Expert Commissioner System in Patent Trial and Appeal
Creating and Utilizing IP
  • Exceeding Six Trillion South Korean Won in IP-Finance
  • Publishing a Non-mRNA Vaccine Patent Analysis Report
  • Ranking No.1 in Standard-Essential Patents
Strengthening IPR Protection
  • Providing Legal Basis for Data and Publicity Protection
  • Enabling Reasonable Compensation for Damages
  • Expanding and Reorganizing KIPO Divisions for Investigation
  • Outcome of Counterfeit Enforcement in 2021
Establishing Global Leadership in IP
  • Fifth in the Global Innovation Index by WIPO
  • First in the IP Innovation Ranking by the WTR
  • Fourth Largest in the Number of PCT Applications
  • Leading International IP Standards Related to AI
KIPO VIsion & Strategy
KIPO Organization Chart
IP Statistics
  • Last updated 18 August 2022
  • Trade and Cooperation Division