was jointly developed by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) from 2006 to 2007. IP Xpedite deals with concepts of intellectual property information and how to search and obtain valuable IP information. It aims to enhance the efficiency of IP research along with the technological development of IP.


Researchers and patent users

Learning Objectives

To promote awareness of intellectual property and the value of IP information.

Learning Time

For beginners : 6 hours / module
For experts : 3 hours / module

Module 00 Orientation
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Module 01 Value of IP Information
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  • Why do Intellectual Property Rights matter?
    What are Intellectual Property Rights?
    Case Studies: Successes and Failures of Intellectual Property Rights
Module 02 Characteristics of the IP Systems of Major Countries
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  • International Treaties and Conventions on Intellectual Property
    Patent System
    Trademark System
    Industrial Design System
    Trademark management
Module 03 IPR Database Source
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  • Classification of IPR Data base
    Useful Function
    Characteristics of an IPR DB
Module 04 Understanding and Searching for Patent Information
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  • Characteristics of Patent Information Objective of Patent Information Search Process of Patent Information Search Methods for searching for patent information Exercise of Searching Patent Information
Module 05 Understanding and Searching for Trademark Information
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  • BTrademark
    Trademark information
    Introduction to free trademark databases
    Exercise of search
Module 06 Patent Indicators
  • What are patent indicators?
    The kind of patent indicators and their characteristics
    Introduction of organizations generating patent indicators
    Exercise of Patent indicator analysis
Module 07 Patent Map
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  • What is a Patent map?
    Why does a Patent map matter?
    How is a patent map classified?
Module 08 Preparation of Patent Maps
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  • Flowchart for Preparing a Patent Map
    Preparation of a Patent Map
Module 09 Advanced Search for Patent Documents Using an IPC and an F-term
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  • Patent Classification System International Patent Classification (IPC) Investigation of an F-term Code
Module 10 International Application through the PCT System and its Strategies
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  • Procedure before the Receiving Office
    National and International Phases
    Tips and Strategies for PCT International Application
Module 11 International Trademark Application through Madrid System and its Strategies
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  • Madrid System
    Filing Information into the Madrid System
    Major Strategies of the Madrid System
Module 12 Interpreting and Drafting Patent Documents in the US
  • Invention Documentation
    Parts of a US Patent Application
    Drafting and Interpreting Patent Documents
Module 13 Interpreting and Drafting Patent Documents in Japan and Korea
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  • Patent Documents
    Drafting Patent Specifications
    Interpreting Patent Claims
Module 14 Interpreting and Drafting Patent Documents in EPO and Australia
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  • Patent Application
    Drafting Patent Claims
    Interpreting Patent Claims
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    Trade and Cooperation Division