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The objectives of 'Getting Creative with Pororo' animation are to develop educational IP material that is easily accessible to school children and assist schools and other educational institutions in developing creativity enhancing curricula.


English and Korean

Target audience

Elementary school students (aged 7~12 years)

Main content

The animation shows the process of innovation in an interesting and easily comprehensible manner, with the protagonist (Pororo) inventing a sleigh and then commercializing it. It consists of three episodes: Great Ideas (Episode 1), The Invention Contest (Episode 2), and Pororo Makes His Mark (Episode 3). Total running time is 20 minutes, each episode being of 6 to 7 minutes.


To be used by children around the globe as educational material on IPRs that will help foster creativity.

Episode 01 < Great Ideas >
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  • Pororo, riding a sleigh with friends, believes he will reach the bottom of the hill first, but is overtaken by Eddy. Pororo learns that Eddy was able to build a new and faster sleigh after much trial and error. Eddy then encourages Pororo to invent his own sleigh. Pororo introduces the blueprint for his new sleigh and begins the process of building it. This episode shows Pororo and his friends brainstorming new ideas for the sleigh. It also shows how inventing is a fun activity for everyone including children and stresses the importance of keeping notes during the invention process.
Episode 02 < The Invention contest >
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  • Amazed at Pororo's upgraded sleigh, the rabbit twins build a similar jet engine sleigh to participate in the "Invention Contest" held in Invention Town. Unaware of this, Pororo also enters his sleigh in the contest. Because of the similarity of the sleighs, the judges review in detail the notes of both sleigh inventions and award Pororo with the grand prize. This episode introduces the basic elements of invention through a judge's perspective. It also suggests that we acknowledge the inventor's positive contribution to society's creativity and innovation.
Episode 03 < Pororo Makes His Mark >
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  • Pororo is busy building sleighs when some friends come along asking for help with their broken sleigh. After carefully inspecting the sleigh, Pororo realizes it is not one of his. He then creates the "Porong Porong Super Sleigh" trademark and sticks the labels on his sleighs. Later on, Pororo's friends who want the Porong Porong Super Sleigh gather at his house. This episode explains the function of a trademark to distinguish one product from another, and shows the process of developing a trademark as well. It also highlights the fact that proper use of trademarks is beneficial to the consumers as well as the manufacturers.
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